The True “Pure Heroine” of our Time

The new girl from New Zealand only 16 years old. She is her own success, some say,” a legitimate genius.” She sits with her dog for her new Album cover which will come out september 30th.


Recently discovered Lorde is said to be,”the genius of our generation.” She has had her famous song “Royals” out for a year in New Zealand, but has recently hit top charts in the United States around the beginning of July. She expects to have her album out by September 30th and has made it a known fact that she is not in it for the fame or fortune, but to interest people for the idea of Mystery and haunting songs that portray a real picture of what suburban life looks like.



It wasn’t just her music that sparked my interest. It is everything about her that seems to be different. I was one of the last people to discover her but I am already obsessed. As an aspiring journalist it is people like her that we should interview because she is able to give the audience a feel for what she lives through without giving away any true personal information. According to her interview with Billboard, Her father is a civil engineer and her mother stays at home. They never pushed her to pursue a musical career and the artist lorde feels grateful about that because it is has been something that she can make her own.

It is hard to think that she is three years younger then myself and she is already internationally famous. She wrote her hit song in a hour and half and I am expecting to see great things from her. I think it is important to follow people who aren’t afraid of being completely different and beautiful in their own way. Lorde screams unique and I truly believe that she could quite possibly be a trademark for our generation’s music icons. I encourage my readers to look her up on youtube and google and to be as completely obsessed as I am. I know what I will be doing on september 30th.


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